Matthew has over 20 years of experience working in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine treating high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

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A healthy body has an upright posture without any bending or stress on the spine. Your posture is directly related to the physical condition of your spine, as well as your muscular health. If you are a victim of excruciating back pain, then you need physical therapy for lower back pain, and Fit Physical Therapy is the best place for this.

When you visit us, you get access to some of the top and most qualified physicians and therapists, who use advanced technologies and professionally accepted practices to alleviate your pain. Our specially devised physical therapy exercises make use of various procedures and routines to achieve healing.

Our goal is to decrease your back pain and increase your mobility and functionality, while also providing you with the preventive measures you can apply to avoid back pain in the future.


Our Process

The first step requires our patients to identify the pain pattern, i.e. when does the pain start, how long does it stay for, whether it is triggered by a certain action, and other similar questions.

If you are experiencing lower back pain continuously for the past 2 weeks, or if this pain is recurring after every few hours or days, it is high time that you get in touch with our therapists.


Therapies We Offer

Passive Physical Therapy (Modalities)

This preliminary stage of recovery includes passive methods such as massage, electrical stimulation, spinal manipulation treatment, heat or ice pack application, and exercises and workouts.


Active Physical Therapy (Exercises)

 Stretching and Yoga:

This mode of therapy for lower back pain deals with your pain and stiffness and improves flexibility and endurance.

  • Trunk Exercises:

These exercises help improve your trunk strength and significantly decrease your lower back pain. Trunk strengthening exercises include static abs, sit-ups, crunches, prone presses, extension work, and leg raises.

  • Static and Dynamic Stabilization Exercises:

These exercises involve several stress-based tools that target your spin with various motions. These include, but are not limited to balancing machines, kettlebells, stretch cables, and weights.

One of the most popular active physical therapy exercises is the “lumbar traction”, which is an extension exercise used to decompress your lower back.


Benefits of Physical Therapy for Lower Backache

Trunk Strength

You can completely alleviate your lower back pain once you can strengthen your trunk through effective exercises in our physical therapy for lower back pain.

Posture Correction

Our goal is to make your posture upright and ensure flexible movement through our physical therapy exercises for lower back pain relief, and we also place a focus on correct neutral spinal curve and alignment.

Avoiding Painful Surgery

If your general physician or orthopedic specialist has suggested back surgery, it is best that you come to us and join our physical therapy program for lower back pain relief, because surgery can be very painful and agonizing, and there is a high chance that our therapy may be able to fix your problem for good.

Balanced Weight Distribution

The benefit of a perfectly aligned spine and correct posture is that it gives you an air of confidence and an exuberant personality, which will be certainly observed by people who see you daily.

Improved Metabolism

Your back and trunk also have a large impact on your stomach, which is why your metabolic functions will also be restored once you get your trunk and back in shape.