Matthew has over 20 years of experience working in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine treating high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

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At Fit Physical Therapy, we provide world-class and comprehensive physical therapy for children ranging from infants to adolescents. Our expert pediatric physical therapists provide effective physical therapy sessions to children who have certain defects, or improper, delayed or abnormal physical functionality.

Bring your child to our White Plains office so that they can be evaluated by our team of experienced pediatric therapists. Their initial reports involve elaborately diagnosed problems, medically approved physical therapy, and a detailed prognosis for any future limitations.

Why Need

Pediatric Physical Therapy Can Treat

Here are some scenarios in which you need pediatric physical therapy for your child:

Milestone Delay

Every child has certain developmental stages that determine when they will grow up to a certain height, start crawling or walking, and much more. While you may not consider it to be big if the child misses a milestone, but try to dive deeper to explore the real reasons for the delay.

Poor Coordination

Children also develop their motor skills from time, which can involve something like lifting a pencil to a desktop computer, and much more. Your child may have poor coordination, and we will help you understand how to identify and remove it.

Genetic Disorders

We help children with genetic disorders to carry out their daily routines with minimal to no difficulty. We also treat children with cerebral palsy or other neurological impairments, so that their muscle and nerve conditions may improve over time.

Physical Impairment

If you notice any signs or symptoms of muscular disability in your child, it can worsen and evolve into an orthopedic impairment. Therefore, they must receive pediatric physical therapy at the right time to ensure they can live a better, more healthy, and more fulfilling life.

Defect in Posture

A defect in your child’s posture is one of the major reasons for a decline in their confidence, agility, and mobility. This is why our sport-emulating exercises revitalize their bodies and help them maintain correct posture.

Pediatric Physical Therapy In White Plains - Fit Physical Therapy

Role of a Pediatric Physical Therapist

Our experienced pediatric physical therapists evaluate and treat several ailments and disorders in children. We also monitor your child’s gradual progress and their bodies’ response to our treatment. We also treat children who are facing lifelong impairments that can threaten their wellbeing over time.


Our pediatric therapists analyze and evaluate your child’s musculoskeletal, sensory and cognitive faculties, and prepare a comprehensive analysis report on the data found.


Once the analysis is done, the therapists can determine the specific illness or ailment, and devise the most suitable course of action to treat it, while also gauging its ability to heal the defect.

Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy

Fit Physical Therapy strives to restore the physical health and wellbeing of children, and also help them develop accurate functionality skills. Our programs are designed to develop your child’s:

  • Neuromotor Skills
  • Memory
  • Cognition
  • Manipulation
  • Balance and Positioning
  • Scenario Development
  • Coordination and Communication
  • Agility
  • Attention Span
Pediatric Physical Therapy- Fit Physical Therapy - White Plains