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As the research in methods for physical therapy advances, there are new branches of physical therapy that are emerging gradually. One of the new and advanced methods of physical therapy is the use of infrared saunas, which feature infrared heaters to emit infrared light. It has a wide range of benefits for the human body, including the reduction and alleviation of pain in patients with various illnesses or disorders.

At Fit Physical Therapy, our renowned physical therapists are well-equipped with world-class equipment and the skills to provide infrared sauna for physical therapy services to our patients who need them. If you have any pain in your back or other parts of your body, get in touch with our therapists today.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna features a wooden box-like structure that has infrared heaters installed at various intervals. While traditional saunas use steam or dry heat to warm up your body, these saunas use infrared light and heat to raise your body temperature.

Infrared light is harmless and doesn’t have any adverse effects on your body, which is why you can easily undergo this form of therapy.

How is an Infrared Sauna Used for Physical Therapy?

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to warm up the body, without the use of any steam or dry heat. It reaches temperatures between 115 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit, which heats your body to its very core. This begins the process of vasodilation, which sends the body from a sympathetic state to a parasympathetic state, where the healing process starts.

Once your body has reached the optimum temperature and your muscles enter a state of relaxation, your body starts to pump blood faster and your metabolism kicks into overdrive. This causes the resonant frequency of the light to facilitate the removal of metabolic waste and toxins from your body through sweating.

Once all the waste is removed from your body, the faster pumping blood now has a substantial amount of oxygen in it, which is delivered to the affected muscles and tissues for effective and rapid recovery and healing.

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Benefits of Infrared Sauna for Physical Therapy

Using an infrared sauna for physical therapy brings about numerous benefits, and our expert therapists at Fit Physical Therapy know when to use it to alleviate your pain and improve your condition.

Here are some of the most effective benefits of infrared sauna for physical therapy:


For the oxygen-rich blood to reach your affected muscles and tissues, the removal of waste and toxins from your body is very important. The major benefit of using an infrared sauna is that it speeds up the detoxification process and allows the waste to leave your body through sweating.

Muscle Relaxation

At high temperatures of 115-125 degrees Fahrenheit, the infrared sauna brings your muscles to a state of rest, which makes it highly effective for treating all kinds of pains, including chronic and long-term injuries and defects. The healing process begins once the muscles enter into a state of relaxation, and this also helps your entire body to rejuvenate.

Pain Relief

This is one of the biggest reasons why infrared saunas are being used for physical therapy. Especially if you are a victim of joint pain or muscle aches caused by excessive strain, work or sports-related injury, or simply old age, this is an effective method for you to get rid of all the pain without any discomfort or tedious process.

Improved Circulation

If you take regular infrared sauna sessions for physical therapy, it will help improve your blood circulation, and this will greatly enhance muscle recovery and reduce the chances of further injuries. It can also reduce pain or swelling after intense workouts.